What we do

We Sanitize and Disinfect Any Space!

Fogging and sanitisation is a fast, efficient and cost effective way to get your office or facility as clean as possible. Our experienced and skilled team use our fogging equipment armed with our bio friendly formula to eradicate almost all germs and potential illness harbouring bacteria without disturbing your surroundings.

What is Fogging

Conventional disinfecting services use cloths and with cloth wiping you can’t get to all surfaces. Disinfectant fogging works differently. Our electrostatic technology introduces negatively charged electrodes into our disinfectant. When sprayed, the disinfectant is attracted to surfaces, effectively allowing every corner and surface to be well-covered.

How Does It Work?

Chemical fogging produces a fine mist that remains suspended in the air long enough to kill airborne viruses and bacteria. It disinfects all nooks and crannies and areas that may be difficult to clean otherwise. In most cases it’s not necessary to move furniture before or during the cleaning process.

Fogging kills 99.99% of all germs on all surfaces and touch-points!

Ask our fogging and disinfecting experts about this essential service we offer to all of our clients!

Who is PH Techs 268 cleaning service ideal for?

Fogging and sanitisation has been used by our clients in schools, business offices, the food industry and various types of facilities.

Schools need to maintain a high level of cleanliness in order to battle against the high amounts of germs which get passed around by children. The convenience of sanitisation fogging allows our team to perform a quick and efficient service which does not irritate children’s health with dangerous chemicals. It also has the advantage that we won’t have to move any of those star charts or well-constructed finger paintings around either!

In the food industry during manufacture, food can be exposed to microbiological cross-contamination from surfaces and the air. This may give rise to food spoilage and safety issues. Using a fogging mist cleans 99.99% of potential bacteria while being green, eco-friendly and chemical residue-free.

Sanitisation disinfection mists are great for facilities and offices as they have the ability to reach areas that almost never get disinfected, such as walls, ceilings, vents, under and behind chairs, tables, places where harmful bacteria like MRSA, C. diff, Staph and many viruses will hide and remain an active threat for days.