First Responders Programme

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has dominated the news worldwide over the past few weeks. So many individuals are becoming ill and it is putting a strain on our healthcare system. As a result, first responders are working long hours and barely have the time or energy to take care of their homes.

According to the CDC, it is important now more than ever to clean, disinfect and sanitize the high-touch surfaces in your home. But if you’re working for hours on end you don’t have the time. This is actually a really bad thing because cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing not only stops the spread of COVID-19 but other viruses and bacteria. A clean home is a healthier home and a healthier home has healthier people living there. If people are healthier than there are less people using the healthcare system.

So that got us thinking, “How can we help first responders?” Then it hit us! We’re a professionally trained sanitation company with access to professional, high grade disinfectants, we should clean their homes at a huge discount.

So that’s what we decided to do. So, all first responders, who sign up for our cleaning service, will receive 40% off.

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