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Prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, reduce allergens, promote safety and healthy habits.

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We use a unique form of sanitizing that totally eliminates and destroys all germs, viruses, bacteria and foul odors. Vaporised decontamination fogging fills the entire space, including cracks and crevices that are difficult to reach via standard surface decontamination.  

Once the application is complete, the disinfectant fog remains in the air, settling on surfaces for several hours creating a long-lasting clean environment

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We help your establishment prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, reduce allergens, promote safety and healthy habits

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Covid 19 has created many challenges to the world and the Antigua Port Authority is no exception, when this pandemic hit the Port Authority had to become creative in protecting its employees as well as its customers. PH Techs became one of the main solutions to this problem, PH Tech has become a very important partner in the Antigua Port Authority Health and Safety regime they provide us with sanitation services using chemicals that are not dangerous to our staff. They are always at the ready to come in and provide consultation, training and sanitation services to meet all of our needs. Victor and his team are professionals, their customer service is exceptional, and I must personally say that I as the Human Resources Manager I could not desire better. I highly recommend PH Techs as a company to partner with during this time

Jacqueline Swift
Human Resources Manager, Antigua Port Authority

An advantage with fogging is that the sanitising agent reaches areas that may be difficult to clean with other techniques. Penetration into some nooks and crannies may be limited by obstacles, but in most cases it’s not necessary to move furniture or equipment around before or during the cleaning process.

Wayne Marshall
Happy Client

I am most impressed because the particles in the fog are so small that they remain suspended in the air long enough to kill airborne viruses and bacteria. The fog also eliminates pathogens on surfaces, including ceilings and walls as well as furniture and floors.

Keisha Price
Happy Client

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Plan 1

.50c / Per SQ FT

  • Basic Fogging
Plan 2

.75c / Per SQ FT

  • General fogging of all areas
  • Complete wipe down of all touchable and exposed surfaces
  • Including floors
Plan 3

$1 / Per SQ FT

  • General fogging of all areas
  • Complete wipe down of all touchable and exposed surfaces
  • Including Floors
  • Cleaning supplies for in between cycle self-maintenance

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